If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about who you are, why you’re here, what career to do… I’d love to be the person to help you.

I combine numerology, astrology, clairvoyance, realm reading / past lives, angel messages and more to see your general energy themes of why you are here and what you’re specifically called to share in this lifetime.

I have a natural ability to see someone’s soul energy when I connect in a reading.

Often our themes are so obvious, simple, and easy, it’s hard to see them for ourselves. We take our best qualities for granted because they are what’s easiest for us.

It’s often the very thing that’s so natural for us to do (but maybe no one has given you permission yet?)

My own life was changed by a random phone psychic that said I was a channel and great with crystals and I had to come out of hiding with it.

There’s no burnout and not much to learn when you find out how to just express more of who you really are.

Society and school teaches us to be placed in a box or achieve some difficult goal which is not necessarily our truth.

I can also help you evaluate different careers, schools and options with psychic readings.

This isn’t just spiritual, I’ve helped businesses generate millions per year with my consulting. I see the logical and the spiritual, to help you make a real impact in the world. 💜

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Life purpose psychic reading


I knew today was going to be incredible when I awoke from my dream!!! I received the healing energy bracelets made by my intuitive friend from Las Vegas today; Sada Nam Kaur, She is incredible and I am cherishing and resonating with my divine gifts from her magical creations and divinely gifted abilities to know which crystals suited me for this beautiful mala bead creative masterpiece!!! ...
I had an amazing experience with Sada. She gave me a valuable reading that I've cherished over the past few weeks. I had a nasty fall down the stairs which left me with a fractured pelvis. She gave me a Vibe Up crystal and the pain went away after 30 mins. The awful bruise I was left with went away after 24 hours and she gave me advice on how to heal my chakras with it. She has been an inspiration in my life since! I recommend anyone that is looking for healing or advice to check her out!!!
Sada is an amazing reader and wonderful person.Her depth of knowledge, invaluable insight and healing presence make her an outstanding guide for all life matters.I wholeheartedly recommend her!

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