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July 19, 2017 0 comments

Gain clarity and peace of mind with messages from God, Angels, and Spirit Guides on whatever is most important for you to know today.

Regardless of what type of reading or questions you have, simply book an appointment below to begin the process.

(I am currently adding more pages to this site to describe the type of readings that may happen during your appointment)

I will not answer intuitive messages without an appointment however, I am available via e-mail, chat, skype, or phone to answer your questions to get to know me better and ask about what happens during an appointment.

You have told me things about my Willow that you had no way of knowing unless she was truly with you. You healed me... thank you... you are a blessing and I with everyone would get to experience what I did with you.  You are truly a connection to the spirits of our babies. You are a healer.
The moment I laid eyes on my Angel bracelet, not only did I find it extremely stunning and beautiful, but my heart swelled with gratitude and peace. I wear my bracelet often and even "crave" or feel the need to reach for it and wear it depending on what's going on with my day-to-day life. Aside from the emotional peace that this one piece of jewelry brings my inner being, it's also very beautiful! Aside from the skilled jewelry crafting, Sada has been a tremendous Godsend in my life. Whether she is actively reading me or not, she is scary accurate and also communicates in a way in which you completely understand the message. What I mean by that, is that Sada's communication in her readings aren't so broad that you have to interpret them as you please, or play a guessing game in what is being said and how it pertains to you, but rather so accurate that there is no question to its clarity. Sada has been on point in all aspects of her abilities. For me, during such tumultuous times, taking her advice in the form of crystal healing, psychic medical readings, natural remedies and in my personal relationships and overall life path have been a true, true blessing. Sada is a talented individual. Rather than say I recommend her, I would firmly say that you need her.
I had an amazing experience with Sada. She gave me a valuable reading that I've cherished over the past few weeks. I had a nasty fall down the stairs which left me with a fractured pelvis. She gave me a Vibe Up crystal and the pain went away after 30 mins. The awful bruise I was left with went away after 24 hours and she gave me advice on how to heal my chakras with it. She has been an inspiration in my life since! I recommend anyone that is looking for healing or advice to check her out!!!

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