Everyone is intuitive. Intuition is one of our natural senses.

However just like some people have better eyesight, or a better sense of smell, this class will help you improve your intuitive senses.

This is more than a class, it is an experience. After this class you will be able to:

  • Give yourself readings so you know how to make better decisions
  • Learn how to discern the voice of your own intuition


What to expect:

  • The first half of the class will be many lessons on how to discern from your ego / thoughts and your true intuition.
  • You’ll be guided through a clearing meditation, then connected with your higher self.
  • You will learn HANDS ON about your various psychic senses (Sada has identified more than 8!) For example holding a small crystal, object, or oracle card in your hand and experience 8+ different ways to receive messages about it.
  • You will receive a third eye opening energy treatment (optional). This is performed while you are in a seated position in your chair, using a rainbow Vogel wand blessed by John of God in Brazil.

The result is that you will improve your ability to discern between your usual thoughts and feelings, and true intuitive messages.

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Choose the Right Opportunities and Avoid the Bad Ones
  • Discover Your Strongest Psychic Senses

Please Bring to Class:

Your favorite pen and notebook for journaling and note taking.

Direct education and experience related to this course includes Medical Intuitive training with Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz, Clairvoyance Therapy instruction from Doreen Virtue, practiced exercises from over a dozen books including rare out of print books specifically on Psychic development, and Sada is personal confidant to one of the nations most notable psychics and healers.

Attendance is limited to 7 people.

This class will be approximately 2 hours long or until all exercises are finished.


This class is currently not offered at this time. Please join the mailing list for updates or comment below and let us know you’re interested!
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