Preparing For Your Mediumship Reading

July 19, 2017 0 comments

How to have the best outcomes with my mediumship readings.

This is very important to read before booking or attending your appointment.



You’ll likely have a great experience in your reading if

  • Want to connect with 1-2 people only.
  • Are prepared to bring photos or unique objects that were special to them to help me connect.
  • Need closure, such as not being able to say goodbye, not knowing what happened, there is no will and needing to ask questions about what to do next, etc. And these answers will bring certain closure and healing for you to move forward.
  • Considering that these people in spirit are the same personality as they were on earth: Are they talkative, straight forward, and open-minded enough for a medium to reach them?
  • Have you been receiving signs from them that they are around you? *not required however usually a good sign that they want to talk.

If you answered mostly YES to the items above, it is likely we will have a great experience together. Is it my honor and privilege to help you heal in this way.



I’d prefer to not provide a mediumship reading if:

  • You don’t know who you want to connect with, have a lot of people in spirit (passed on), and have no real goals. You just want to see what happens. In these instances I will end up getting scattered data from a lot of people that will be hard to piece together. It is important to come with a clear intention and focus to this kind of reading. And if you don’t have a clear focus for your reading, the results may also not be clear.
  • Are not prepared to bring photos or objects from these people to help me connect with their energy.
  • Have already had multiple readings before regarding these people. They want you to focus on moving forward with your life and not continuing to live in grief.  I don’t like to bother people in spirit. I have had them tell me ‘Again?’ with concern and put a wall up blocking our connection.
  • The people in spirit, are the same personality as they were on earth. If they were quiet, reserved, very religious and condemned mediums and psychics, close-minded, etc. They will often be the same way with me when I try to connect. Please know that your loved ones still exist on the other side and are doing well, however if they wouldn’t talk to someone like me when they were alive, they likely won’t after they pass either.

If you answered more YES to this second category, sorry, I am likely not interested in hosting a mediumship reading for you.



Can Mediumship Happen Without Planning?


Perhaps there is something related to someone’s passing when receiving a general reading. They may come through on their own, if that is the highest and best good for your healing. Pets come through very frequently without planning.

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Sada did an amazing intuitive reading for me, focused mainly on some health issues I've been having. She gave me a lot of insight to move forward with confidence. And also spoke about a few things that are sooooo true for me, but I needed to hear from her standpoint. It was a really great session and I've already recommended a few people to her. She's got a beautiful gift and is generous with her time and incredible talent.

You have told me things about my Willow that you had no way of knowing unless she was truly with you. You healed me... thank you... you are a blessing and I with everyone would get to experience what I did with you.  You are truly a connection to the spirits of our babies. You are a healer.

I was intrigued by Sada's new lovely set up at Mana Beads. Although I wasn't seeking specific answers, She guided me with certainty of the path I am on & the things my soul knows to embrace further. Her energy felt genuine as she channeled with enthusiasm she was guided to tell me things that I had instant, deep soul recognition of... I'm blessed to gain the affirmation of what to do next in my life. I highly suggest visiting her to gain insights, she has pure intentions alongside her gift


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