More details about how I perform this type of reading:

❤ I can tune-into other people’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions HOWEVER I do not pry into their personal life in any way that will incur bad karma, such as digging into their secrets. I do this by asking what you need to know for your highest and best good. You will receive accurate answers adequate enough to help you know if you are on the right path or not with someone.

❤ Even though I feature oracle and tarot cards in my social media, I rarely use them for readings. I perform this type of reading by holding their digital image, first name, and possibly birthdate (if available) in my hand and connect via psychometry. So I don’t pay attention to how they look. I feel them, and receive thought impressions.

❤ I often forget 90% my readings because they are done from a channeling and meditation state. I delete all images after the reading and you have complete privacy (unless of course you are in danger to yourself or others, this is covered in the terms and conditions),

❤ I often help my friends and clients in person, by holding my hand over a Facebook or dating app profile of someone they are interested in. I’ve now opened this up for distance readings as well. It’s a lot of fun, and my clients are often gasping or laughing at the accuracy! I also receive validating messages from past clients up to a year later, as the predictions and events unfold, which is why I have a lot of confidence in helping you in this way.



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