Life Purpose Coaching

July 19, 2017 0 comments

Your Job or Career Can Change – However Your Purpose Remains the Same.

Ever ask… Why am I here?

Learn more about you life purpose, career, or what steps to take….

I’m a Certified Life Purpose Coach, which is similar to a life coach however more focused on helping you find your ideal purpose and career.

Even when clients seek me for other readings I almost always provide information about your true nature, who you are.

When I hold your hand, write your birthday and name, I almost always automatically share this information.

This is my one of my best skills. 

So who are you really?

Your purpose is usually something that resonates with your soul.

Your natural god-given abilities, talents, skills, and interests. 

And how your unique aspects of yourself blend together for a specific purpose and career.

I did the exact same exercises on myself that I now use in my coaching practice…  in 2005 I created an unusual however very successful career at the time as an internet marketing consultant to blend my natural skills of speaking, technology, and intuition. I helped my clients make millions of dollars and had a waiting list of clients for 10 years. 

When you receive a Life Purpose Reading I will look into…

  • Holding your hand which will bring up past lives, soul colors, and much more.
  • Astrology and Numerology that will surprise you with how specifically it shows your path.
  • Answering your Q&A about specific jobs or careers you are considering. This includes even making specific decisions on different companies to work for.
  • Oracle card readings with my best decks (fyi my best tools are never featured online to keep their energy pure).

My clients typically have AH-HA moments of clarity, as I confirm what they have always felt, however have possibly not given the priority in life.

We are so often influenced to achieve success or do what we are “suppose to do” – I will help you look into your heart to see who you really are.

When you know with more certainty, who you really are, the results will bring more peace and prosperity to your life:

  • More confidence to say NO to the wrong responsibilities, jobs, relationships, etc.
  • Say YES to more of the right ones!
  • Identify the right opportunities and know it is your life purpose to step-up into these roles.

And in addition to my intuitive work, I have over a decade of professional experience as a consultant, and have succeeded in many careers. You can learn more about me here.  Spiritual guidance isn’t everything, I mix intuition with real world actionable steps to be successful too.

If you are interested in exploring your purpose or career, I have a special offer for you this week.

You have 2 options to work on clarifying your life purpose with me.

Option 1

You can simply book a reading and begin the process.

Option 2

If you know you are at a turning point, such as a quarter-life or mid-life crisis, have a lot of options to review, want ongoing support to review options, this is the one for you.

You have told me things about my Willow that you had no way of knowing unless she was truly with you. You healed me... thank you... you are a blessing and I with everyone would get to experience what I did with you.  You are truly a connection to the spirits of our babies. You are a healer.
I knew today was going to be incredible when I awoke from my dream!!! I received the healing energy bracelets made by my intuitive friend from Las Vegas today; Sada Nam Kaur, She is incredible and I am cherishing and resonating with my divine gifts from her magical creations and divinely gifted abilities to know which crystals suited me for this beautiful mala bead creative masterpiece!!! ...
Still had my training wheels on trying to figure out all the energy and who I am at the core. Your presence, knowledge and guidance brought me along this path. I appreciate you very much and I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

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