Crystal Readings

July 19, 2017 0 comments

If you are curious and want to know more about working with crystals, ask for about a crystal reading at your appointment.

May include any of the following:

  • Intuitive messages about what crystals are best for you and how to use them
  • The use of crystal oracle cards
  • Help with crystal shopping
  • Receiving messages from your personal crystals (bring a special one with you or photo)
  • Crystal reiki sessions


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Sada is very accurate in all of the readings she does for me. I always leave with the information I needed and am constantly amazed by what she knows without me telling her. She's also read my daughter and various family members and we are all stoked when she has time to fit us in. If you're looking for answers to anything, contact Sada. She will tell you exactly what's going on and ways to fix it or make it better if need be. She's also super sweet and a great listener. She'll make you feel right at home from the very beginning.
I tell people that you're gifted in reading in all areas. I enjoy your positivity and the way you encourage us and I never feel judged when I talk to you. I love that you are authentic and that helps me feel comfortable around you and in my own skin.
You have told me things about my Willow that you had no way of knowing unless she was truly with you. You healed me... thank you... you are a blessing and I with everyone would get to experience what I did with you.  You are truly a connection to the spirits of our babies. You are a healer.