This class is from November, 2017 and is no longer accepting enrollments. If you are interested in taking this class please send a message and let us know!

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Do you love Crystals? Do you want to FEEL crystal energy?

You will get to hands-on touch and experience a variety of crystals, learn how they help (practical applications), receive 2 crystal readings, and more
This is a fun, intuitive, hands on class where we will:

  • Learn what practical applications crystals have such as stress relief, sleeping better, energy and motivation, psychic shielding, and more. You can ask Sada for intuitive answers about almost anything.
  • Hold a crystal and feel it’s energy intensify as Sada charges the crystal with energy work.
  • Receive a brief personal crystal reading, which will be about what crystals will help you most at this time.
  • Receive a reading on 1 crystal or piece of jewelry that you bring to class for Sada to hold. If you have a special item this is a great time to bring it in and learn more about it.
  • Learn how to do your own crystal readings.
  • Learn how to best pick crystals for your personal use.
  • Learn how to clear crystals and change their energy with your intentions.
  • Work with over 50 different crystals from Sada’s private collection.
  • Learn how to read with crystal oracle cards and use one of Sada’s many crystal decks (optional).
  • You may also bring a few of your favorite crystals to show and tell with the class.
  • This is a fun, relaxed event, to make new friends and experience crystals.

Attendance is limited to 7 people so that each individual will receive their personal readings and questions answered.

This class will be between 1 hour 30 minutes, up to 2 hours long, to answer everyone’s questions and provide their personal readings.

Please note that your crystal readings will be provided in front of the entire class, and if answers are sensitive in nature, we will address them privately afterwards. I respect your privacy.

Please wait for the widget below to load make your reservation. If you are unable to make the reservation here please call or text: 844-644-4434 or email

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I knew today was going to be incredible when I awoke from my dream!!! I received the healing energy bracelets made by my intuitive friend from Las Vegas today; Sada Nam Kaur, She is incredible and I am cherishing and resonating with my divine gifts from her magical creations and divinely gifted abilities to know which crystals suited me for this beautiful mala bead creative masterpiece!!! ...
I had an amazing experience with Sada. She gave me a valuable reading that I've cherished over the past few weeks. I had a nasty fall down the stairs which left me with a fractured pelvis. She gave me a Vibe Up crystal and the pain went away after 30 mins. The awful bruise I was left with went away after 24 hours and she gave me advice on how to heal my chakras with it. She has been an inspiration in my life since! I recommend anyone that is looking for healing or advice to check her out!!!
Sada is an amazing reader and wonderful person.Her depth of knowledge, invaluable insight and healing presence make her an outstanding guide for all life matters.I wholeheartedly recommend her!

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  • Wendy November 29, 2017

    The Crystal Energy Readings Workshop in Nevada City was absolutely wonderful! Sada is the sweetest and has a lot of experience and knowledge about her large collection of crystals/rocks. She gave several personal readings from the beginning to the end of the class. She gave an overview of different stones and was open for all questions. Feeling the energy of the stones was really amazing. I would recommend this class to everyone. It is an experience you will love! Thanks for sharing all your gifts Sada.

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