Calculate Your Personal Numerology for 2018 and Tarot Card!

In numerology, simply add all the numbers single value together, like below:

2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11

Got it?

A personal year number is:

Your Birthday Month + Day + This Year

For example, a January 15th birthday would be…

1 + 1 + 5 + 11 = 18 = 1+ 8 = 9

Keep adding the numbers together until you get a single digit.

Once you get a single digit, you can learn more about the numerology of that number. Or you can match it to a tarot card from the major arcana, which is also based on numerology, for more meaning.

1 = The Magician (Singular focus, manifestation, how will you use your tools? What are you asking or praying for in 2018?)

2 = The High Priestess (Using your intuition. Be sure to follow your heart in decisions)

3 = The Empress (Creativity, birth, abundance, caring for the home, luxury, nurturing, moms)

4 = The Emperor (Stability, authority, be the boss, have boundaries, be serious, work hard, money, finance)

5 = The Hierophant (Teaching, wisdom, attending church, community gatherings, culture, community)

6 = The Lovers (Love, romance, new partnerships, coming together, choices such as deciding who to partner with)

7 = The Chariot (forward movement, passion, drive, excitement, moving, progress, go for it)

8 = Strength (Courage, compassion, will power, self control, handle it all)

9 = The Hermit (Meditation, time alone, wisdom, withdraw, read books, think about it, disconnect, reflection)

These are my personal interpretations for these tarot cards, which can be interpreted many different ways and have deeper meanings. Please google your card or visit your favorite tarot book or app to learn more. 💜

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